How to add weapon when game is in play(Epic's Shooter Game Demo)

Hi, so I’m currently building a pickup system for weapons on top of the Epic games Shooter Game, but there is a simple problem I don’t know how to resolve, basically I made the AddWeapon function inside the C++ file into a blueprint callable function, and then inside the PlayerPawn blueprint class, I call spawnedactorfromclass and then passes the object reference to AddWeapon. It does sounds like it should work, and I kinda does, like it add something in the array and I can shuffle through more than 2 weapons and it’s replicated so other players see that you are holding a new weapon, but the problem is that the owning player doesn’t see the weapon, just hands holding nothing. I don’t know if this is a transform thing, or that it doesn’t update for the arms form some reason. Does someone know why this happens.(Sorry if the pictures is too small, as I had to crop it alot )