How to add multiple command on a button

Hello everyone ı have a situation with buttons on VR . I want to add multiple movement command a button . For example if my moveble window is in the middle ı want do take down -90 unit on Z axis . İf my window is at the top ı want do take down -75 unit on Z axis .

I try to do that with multiple Splines but its gave me compulsory pattern .
İn short ı want to add if value on my button system .

Hey there @Catunc! Basically you’re just trying to make a context sensitive button that decides what it will do based on the position it’s in when it’s pressed?

Are these 3D worldspace buttons (since it’s VR I’d assume so)?

@SupportiveEntity I’m sorry ı saw your comment so late . And yes it’s what am ı exactly want to do .

Yes buttons are 3D ı made them with collision box