How to add leaderboard in game with blueprints?

So recently I was working with my game for the #SeaJam but I can’t understand how to add a leaderboard in Unreal Engine.

You need to create an scoreboard first, a variable in your Game Instance, then when you play and accumulate points you increase that score variable, when that game ends, you take that final value and save it into a “save game” slot variable, so when you return to the main menu you can see it, but in order for this to work, you still need to create a widget that calls every slot independently by date, so you also need to save the date, I think there is score tutorials on youtube, but that’s the basic idea.

Then for the leaderboard of rankings, you need to call those values, I think there is also youtube tutorials, but basically you need to filter by user name, or team, it depends of how your project works

Maybe this question is too generic, if you are more specific, it will be easier to help