How to add character?

I have a map, but there are no tutorials on the most bsic thing of jsut adding your character. I’ve tried adding a pawn with a camera component attatched to it but it does nothing. Each time I "play’ the game it simply shows a view from whatever perspective I am currently in.

When I watch tutorials ppl do the same thing but they can move around as if in spectator mode. or at least look around with the mouse cursor.

Why is this happening?

All I need to know is this. How can I make a camera work? How can I make it so that if I hit play or execute the program, what is seen is what is seen from a certain camera perspective. In this case the only camera in the level.

edit: if the camera moves, the view would move as well, the most basic stuff. Like when you create a default 3rd person map and the camera is attached to the character and you can… you know just see.