How to add and change armor to your model

I have a dream… to create Dungeon Siege 3 (oh you say Dungeon Siege 3 already exists? You are wrong)

I have been wanting to do this for such a long time, now that Unreal Engine 4 is available and I have some spare time I want to dedicate myself to create a true squeal to Dungeon Siege 2. I am a programmer, so I am fine with doing what needs doing in the engine department, however 3d modeling is not my strong suite. I have played around with it before but I am terrible.

I got a friend that is going to help me with that, but I need to be able to tell him how he has to create the stuff so it will all fit together.

My question is, how do you solve the problem of having different pieces of armor affect the character model’s appearance? As far as my limited knowledge goes it used to be done with changing the textures to give the impression different armors have been equipt, but that is not going to cut it anymore. I want to find out if there is a better way of handling this. The latest example I saw was the way Skyrim modders did it with different bodies, they basically cut the body in to different pieces and replaced the entire body if you equipt another piece of armor.

If anyone can maybe point me to a good tutorial or guide or even theory of handling different armors, I would greatly appreciate it! The only thing I could find so far with the power of google was this post:

Thank you for reading my post

Yes; you can attach multiple skinned meshes to the same skeleton. As you animate the skeleton, the different skinned mesh parts move with that skeleton.

Separately: I hope you’re already aware of what trademark and copyright laws say about things like trying to call your game “Dungeon Siege 3” or trying to copy any particularly characteristic character traits verbatim from an older game. Because if you’re not already aware and compensating for this, you’re in for a world of hurt and wasted effort once you think you’re done.

Thank you for the information! I will give it a shot right now.

Thank you for your concern, I am fully aware of all the copyright issues. Even though I will be pouring all my time into this and even hire voice actors to do voice dialog, I won’t actually be releasing or selling this game. The only person that will be playing will be me. I am going to fund this project myself.

There is a big hole at the moment in party-based RPG games, infact the last time I checked on Steam there were only 4… dungeon siege 1 and 2 being 2 of them and the other 2 not really qualifying. That being said I have a job and have no illusions about a life of glory creating games. I am going to spend time and money myself to create a game for myself that no-one else can provide it seems.

The people that are going to create 3d meshes, do rigging and animations are close friends and people that I pay out of my own pocket.

The game is already basically a strictly better Dungeon Siege 2 with some cool things I got used to in Diablo 3. I am also planning on making an adventure mode like Diablo 3 has. I have no intention of risking being sued by releasing this game. But I am going to enjoy the **** out of it I can guarantee you that! xD