How to add an extra ''length'' to a cursor hit trace result?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently building a road generator where I want to spawn a new piece of the road every time I go outside the previous road piece. I want to snap the new pieces. Similar to the AOE-wall building
I’m using a spline and spline mesh components:
This is the logic I’m using:

  1. Check when to add a new point. When we go outside the previous mesh (defined by point 1 and 2) we can draw a new point
    This is one of the checks. I check X+, X- , Y- and Y+

  1. Draw a second point when one of the checks is returned positive

  1. Set the position of the second point
    This is where I need to add the location of the cursor hit result + the width of the road mesh in order to set the second spline point. I’ve been trying to transform the hit to local space and adding a distance, vector snapped to grid… nothing worked so far.

  1. Store new first and second point locations
    I store the second point in the first point variable and use the location of the last point added to store the second point variable

5. Draw the mesh

This is the result I get, so I’m missing the spacing: