How to add a +1 integer text and end game whenever its at its max?

In my project I am using box collisions to pickup items. They are destroyed after I walk over them. How do I add a +1 integer everytime I pick one up? And how do I display that on my screen? For example I want it to display “1/6” Do I use a widget? I’ve tried looking at forums and can’t really figure it out.
And then I do not know how to actually “End Level” whenever all of the items are picked up. There is a max of 6 items.
This seems like a simple blueprint, but I’ve tried many blueprints and it never displays.
Thank you for whoever helps!!!

There is a ++ node that adds 1 to a variable. And for displaying that on screen, yes, I would create a widget blueprint with a text that you can change based on that variable.

And for the End Level part, you could restart the game, take the player to the main menu, take the player to the next level, show him a win screen, etc. You are the one who decides what happens when the player finishes the level, there is no predefined way to do it.

I put that ++ node on the Box Collisions?

And when I create that text widget, How do I make it change? Could you show an example?
Thank you for answering! I appreciate it!