How to activate a proximity split screen

Hi my name is Edward. I am working on making a co op game for senior thesis.And I was wondering is it possible to setup a split-screen that is activated my proximity? I wanted it to work like how all the Lego games run it. When the player is close the split-screen deactivates. and when the players move away from each other I wanted it to activate again. Is this possible via blueprint or C++? Or is it a mixture? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Ed!

I am currently working on trying to do this myself! I recently found another thread that gave some more information on different possible things that could be used to alter it.

Okay I have it finished and figured out!

I made a video reach out to me and I will put it together with you

Hit me up on twitch prooxy1234. Idk how to turn OBS recording into the windows editor tool to make it uploadable to youtube