How to achieve this kinds of frosted glass look in UE4.21?

The image was rendered in C4D with physical renderer, as you can see, light project on items and cast blur shadow on frosted glass.

I tried some tutorials such as UE4 Tutorial: Milky Glass - fastest and easiest way - aka frosted glass [Unreal Engine 4.18] - YouTube and How to make "Frosted glass"? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums
but both of these 2 version didn’t work, error numbers are 1287, 1290, 1291, 1311,1312 and 1698.

After test, I guess the problem is caused by connection between Scenetexture and Emissive Color.

So I check release notes document of UE4.21, which mentioned a bug fix issue: Added custom node validation in order to prevent reading unbound SceneTextureStruct from a base pass shader.

However, I still have same problem in UE4.18.

Is there anyway to achieve this effect? I will be very grateful!