How to achieve this effect in an easy way?


I always wondered if there is an easier way to achieve this effect (the green light stripes):

My current approach is to align the UVs and make the texture scroll (as you can see it´s messed up right now). This takes a lot of time. Is there an easier way to do this? Maybe by a material? I have little experience with materials and the UE4 in general. This “project” were my first steps in the engine.

Follow this tutorial here on flipbook shader animation!

instead of making the entire texture have the animation I’d suggest you have a base color normal map etc as usual, and animate the emission color, simply mask out everything but the light part. :slight_smile:

I’ll check it out thanks.

Instead of flipbook you can use a panning texture that reveals the emissive parts. Those emissive parts need to be properly UV mapped of course.

Yeah I thought of that as well, which is just as good of a solution. It’s the easier solution, but it’ll be wonky if you have any parts that should always be lit up. (as displayed in the example)

I already use this but the problem I have is, that it is really annoying to align the UVs in the right way (top to down) by hand.