How to access NavArea in which is Character standing ?


Do you know how can I access NavArea in which is currently character standing, please ? I can not find any reference to that.

Thank you very much for help

I found a function like this.

I don’t know if this works but it should

UNavigationSystem* NavSys = UNavigationSystem::GetCurrent(OwnerComp);

Thank you very much for reply! Atleast somebody checked my thread :slight_smile: This one returns you reference to UNavigationSystem but I am looking for some function which will return UNavArea :slight_smile:

For any other guys who interest in same topic, you need to cast to ARecastNavMesh to get access to many powerful functions of navmesh.


You’re welcome Nonder!

Here is my reply posted in this thread for anyone who wants to see the solution immediately :slight_smile:

**Video Pic For You**

I am doing what you are asking in this picture below!

**The nav area closest to the AI unit is being highlighted as they move!**

Here's a gif of my AI using my custom Nav components finding a jumping path to its target using only C++, and a simple nav mesh volume in editor. There are no special helpers in the level! This was all calculated in C++ !

Code, FindNearestPoly

In my custom UPathFollowComponent I wrote the following:

    NavNodeRef UJoyPathFollowCompHighest::NavPoly_FindNearest(const FVector & Loc, const FVector & Extent)
    	if(!MovementComp) return false;
    	//Agent Properties
    	const FNavAgentProperties* AgentProperties = MovementComp->GetNavAgentProperties();
    	if(!AgentProperties) return false;
    	const ANavigationData* NavData = (AgentProperties != NULL) ? GetNavDataForProps(*AgentProperties) : GetMainNavData(FNavigationSystem::DontCreate);
    	if (NavData == NULL)
    		NavData = GetMainNavData();
    	const ARecastNavMesh* NavMesh = Cast<ARecastNavMesh>(NavData);
    		ScreenMsg("UJoyPathFollowCompHighest::DrawNavTileBounds()>> Cast to recast nav mesh failed");
    		return false;
    	return NavMesh->FindNearestPoly(Loc,Extent,NavData->GetDefaultQueryFilter());


The focus of my code is that I had to cast the basic nav mesh ptr to **ARecastNavMesh** in order to access the desired function



This determines how far above and below the point UE4 checks to find a valid nav area.