How to access input.ini in run-time and modify it?

Hi community,

I am trying to build a 3rd person camera rotation like GTA has. When you are in free camera, you have a set of configuration (dead zone, sensitivity, exponent), and when you are aiming, you have another set. In order to achieve it, I have to modify the input.ini file. I learned I can’t do that in Blueprint. How can I do it with C++?


1. Method One:

Create an UClass with the settings you need:

class UMySettings : public UObject

	float MyConfigValue;

	// ... more settings

Then you can access your settings like that:

UMySettings *Settings = GetMutableDefault<UMySettings>();
float Blah = Settings->MyConfigValue;
Settings->MyConfigValue = 42.0f;

To write new values to the config file use:


2. Method Two:

Read and write config values directly. To learn more about this method read this awesome article:
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