how to accept licence to install tadp/android

OK, I knooow this sounds like a stupid question.
But its for a really stupid installer.
I have a high DPI screen on windows 8 (13 inches, 3200x1800), which I know causes issues with some of the more s###ty programs, usually windows compatibility mode for old junk fixes it.

but I just cant get tadp-2.0r8-windows to allow me to accept the licence to install it.
continually comes up with a tiny icon like window that just says “do you accept the licence”
with the options of back and cancel and a greyed out next.
and wont let me resize it or shortcut to anything else in the window.

tried so far -
all compatibility options
running from command line with the various"unattendedmodeui" settings (doesn’t seem to make any difference).