How the hell do you make menus in unreal 4?

I’ve been trying to make menus using slate for the past 2 days and every time it would fail can some either link me a tutorial or tell me how to do it because so far I’ve managed to draw an image but that was over the current game. I need to make a main menu with just an option for single-player right now.

I’m struggling with the same issue at the moment. The documentation is too ambiguous, from what I gather, drawing some UI can be done with a simple function call. I don’t understand what’s wrong with providing a working example or two, or even better some useful idioms describing the intended/general way to use the code. We aren’t mind readers and even if we were we don’t have a Cerebro machine like Charls Xavier does to enhance our powers to read minds thousands of miles away.

I think they still work on documenting the slate system…
maybe just wait some weeks. I’m sure they are hard at work at the moment.

PS: This isn’t exactly a duplicate thread, but there is a much more useful one on the topic.

Any advances I make on this subject will be there (I’m slamming my head on my keyboard as we speak).

Not quite Slate, but if all you’re looking for is a simple menu to get things rolling you might want to consider Blueprint-driven HUDs. If you open the Content Examples project and the Blueprint_HUD level, they have example HUD, and an example “main menu” with two clickable buttons that show up on screen. You could rewire that menu example to be a main menu that pops up on load.

I know this isn’t “the solution”, and we are missing good Slate documentation/step-by-step, but maybe this will hold you over.

thanks guy’s at least I’m not the only one slamming my head against my keyboard.