How take FHitResult from FTakePointDamageSignature?

I need take PhysMaterial from FHitResult, but in FTakePointDamageSignature I didn’t see it. How i can find it?

You can override/extend AActor::TakeDamage instead which gets passed a DamageEvent. In case of point damage you can cast this to FPointDamageEvent, which includes the FHitResult (HitInfo). There is also a (semi-deprecated) GetBestHitInfo() function in FDamageEvent directly. You can check the original AActor::TakeDamage implementation to see how the DamageEvent can be examined.

The OnTakePointDamage event is just for convenience. If you need a Blueprint event then I’m not sure what the best approach is, but you could always create and call your own event.