How stop execution of anim blueprint?


I’m trying to stop execution of anim BP after I have played the death anim montage, but the anim bp always goes back to idle position after finishing the death montage.
Is there a way to stop execution or another way to implement that?

There was a proposed solution under this link but it doesn’t work for BP: Character death animation montage - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thanks in advance!


Do you try to use the node “Montage Pause” when the montage is almost finished ?

Hi ,

thanks for the feedback.
I did try the montage pause but it’s also not working, just the montage is paused but the anim BP keeps running.
There must be a general approach to character or pawn death.


So, I don’t know how you can do with a montage :x.
However, you can add a state in your Animgraph (in your Animation Blueprint).

Yeah, I think that is the right approach, to make a new state in the AnimBP with one-way transition on IsDead==true and no way back to idle_walk_run.

Got a similar problem: I’ve added an isDead state but he flips back to the T-Pose shortly after the ragdoll starts. Any idea? What would you need to know?

Nevermind, figured it out. I had a hit reaction that would cause him to flop a little and then reset physics blend to 0. Now it checks if he’s dead first before blending back.

I had the exact same problem.
What happens is that montages blend out the animation which I think means it goes back to the default state in the state machine, which is for most people, the idle position. I’m not an expert, just another beginner learning too.

So go click on each individual animation montage and uncheck Enable Auto BlendOut in the asset details panel. This worked for me.