How start a battle system?

I am new to UE4 and I am trying to make a blueprint that allows me to go from 3rd person to like a JRPG or Final Fantasy like style when combat begins. I can’t seem to get the camera to work. Also, I want to start the combat engine that runs this blueprint in the new space, but I seem to be getting stuck. Can anyone help me?

I’ve been working on it myself. I created a sublevel called BattleMap which is stream-loaded with each map so it’s ready to go. The biggest problem I’ve had is how to lay out all of the characters given the space I have. I didn’t want to do the old JRPG method of ‘expanding’ the area using pre-determined backgrounds, but instead wanted to go straight live into the battle…the downside is that when you’re in a corridored environment it gets tough to persuade the game how to first position everyone whilst giving them room to maneuver, cast, die, etc with their animations.

All the stats and vitals are already in place, and the work with UMG will be relatively trivial. Building the world and the story is going to be the time consumer, because I refuse to make a game that involves 20 hours of real play and 800 hours of grinding. At the same time I know I don’t have the resources (yet) to work on a AAA title.

Characters, animations…all basically designed. I’ve created the intro, the first few maps…I’m implementing a cross live->turn-based mix that will allow some excitement when in a given situation (soldiers WILL shoot at you, and hurt you, before you get close enough for melee combat, but in turn you’ll be able to take potshots if you have long-range weaponry or environmental objects to assist. I’ve implemented a whole series of animations for jumping, wall running, etc to avoid attacks (for my first melee character that you start with so far), but if I could only nail down how to get everyone laid out ready when the BattleMap gets going, I’d be golden. I’ve toyed with the Turn-Based Tile Toolsets available on the Marketplace, but although I can fit them into the space, and it looks good when laying it out, the moment I try to run it my characters all run along the roof of the building they’re supposed to be stuck inside. Frustrating!

There are some tutorials on the Turn Based Tile system on YouTube I believe. I have since progressed with my game. I am working on AI and it seems so much harder than everything else. I can’t seem to get it to work. It seems like you have some ambitious things you want to do as well! Good Luck!!