How should I go about confetti?


So I need confetti for my game and I’d like to ask for some thoughts on doing it since I’m least experienced with particle systems.

The important things I want it to have are random rotation in any axis (as in not a billboard), to be lit by the environment and effected by the environment’s physics?

I know most particles are billboards so I don’t really know how to do this. It’s material would probably be a simple color since it doesn’t need to be fancy.


When I read this, I thought I’d seen confetti example somewhere. But it was the feather explosion in the Tappy Chicken Content. You may be able to get some ideas from that. Tappy Chicken > Effects > FX_Feathers_01

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Are you sure its billboards? I think its more of a texture with a alpha layer or mask setup tied into the particle system.

I just read through the material creation documentation

Might want to check the particles in particular here

Particle Systems

Let us know your results I have yet to play around with any of this yet but its on my list.