How should I build modules for my game?

Ive been trying for the past few days to be able to build good modules for unreal engine. Ive made custom light maps for the models of the modules, but when i stack them next to each other, they all have a different color of shade.

I know the only way to fix this was setting light static to 0.1, and quality to 2.0 and smoothness to 0.6, but i have large map for my model house to be in. Ive seen other people do this way of designing and have way better luck that I did.

Im really stumped about the light system since ive tried everything to fix it and it wont work.

Things Ive Done

Light static - 0.1, Light Quality - 2.0, Light smoothness - 0.6,
Custom lightmap in blender,
Made multiple models to no avail,
Ive changed the lightmap resolution from 64 to 256 and etc

If anyone can help, please do, i really wanna work on more of my game, ive had this problems for days and its halted development.


Yeah 0.1 level scale and 0.6 smoothness should solve the problem!
Could you post a screenshot what your scene looks like after the build?

Hello, so ive done a little more and now it looks good, but how am i able to lower the light building times since I have a scene full of detail? its take 5-10 minutes just for building light one time.

Mostly depends on your indirect lighting quality and lightmap resolution… if you can get away with lower settings you can make your light build faster! I don’t know other solution to get rid of those modular differences…
I wish I had scenes that lightbuild would take just 5-10 minutes! :smiley: