How "ready" is UE4 for Mobile development?

I’m starting a project soon, in the early planning stages, and I’ve been attracted to UE4 because it seems amazing. I have some concerns, and thought I would post some questions in hopes of some answers from the community.

Is UE4 capable of deploying to devices that are older than 2 yrs?
Has anyone recently deployed a UE4 game to iOS and Android devices?

I’m worried that if I choose UE4 for my project, that i’ll be limited to deploying only to nextgen mobile devices and loose support for legacy like iPad2 running iOS 6 etc. I know UE4 is a premium dev tool, but is it ready to go up against others? (Unity etc)

Check out Shipping Tappy Chicken - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

Tappy Chicken should be available for download from Apple store and the Android App Store for free. Also check out the twitch stream for this week, they answered a few questions relating to performance optimizations for Mobile devices.

Brilliant thanks for the links.

It would be easier if you can tell us what kind of game you would like to create.

Hi there, my apologies for the lack of information in my first post. I’m building an app that resembles the Episodic brilliance of Telltale games…but for kids. Most kids are handed down iPads from their parents or older siblings, so I’d have to be able to deliver to at least an iPad 2 on iOS 5 or 6. If I could reach iPad 1 then super, but not really a deal breaker.