How much is UDK and UE4 same?

Hey there,

I’m purchasing Unreal Engine 4 on August, at the mean time, i wanna learn Unreal Engine 4.
Can you tell me, what’s in UDK and it’s same in UE4? (so i’ll learn it at the mean time.)

Thank you.

The basic interface is very similar so knowing UDK will make learning UE4 much easier so you should start learning UDK now

Like CharlestonS said, they’ve redesigned the interface, but a lot of it is similar (in terms of ideas, not really in terms of placement). But note that if you’re used to coding in Unrealscript, UE4 has replaced that with access to the C++ Source code.

They’ve also replaced Akismet with their new Blueprint system. Check out some videos on it, but you’ll realise Blueprint is just an upgraded version of Akismet that isn’t strictly limited to Level Scripting, you can now add logic to individual (or grouped) assets and even set variables so their attributes (like color, light on/off, light brightness, etc) inside the editor without going back into Blueprint, which makes exporting blueprints to other people (like level designers) a lot easier.

For me, about 64% the same xD

Regarding C++, as well as editor - new language, new UI, but you always find things well known from UDK & UnrealScript.
A good mixture of old and new, one could say.

I would also say around 60-70% the same. So when you are able to use UDK, then it’s pretty easy to jump over to the UE4

Thank you, guys.

I don’t have experience in Unrealscript, i’m C++ user who’ve used CRYENGINE before.
Well, i better start learning UDK abit, it’s gonna make me easier to learn Unreal Engine 4.
Thanks again.