How might PathDeform modifier work in UE4?

I’m after an animated slithering snake that uses a spline tightly conform to a complex terrain so that the snake’s movements follow this path and so that the shape of the path itself controls the slithering shape of the snake’s skeleton. I have this working great in 3DS Max, but now learn you can’t export such modifiers and even if you could, UE4 would have no way to manage them. UE4 supports creating splines and using them to control cameras or any other object, but that doesn’t provide for shaping the snake along this path. This seems like a simple thing. No?

I replied to a similar post in the Blueprints section, but thought I’d float it here. Thanks for any ideas.

You can’t export pathdeform since that’s a specific feature for 3ds Max, but you can recreate it with Blueprint Splines: Blueprint Splines Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation