How many actors in project until it begins to lose performance?

Hey, I’m working on building my open world project, I’m reaching 1,700 actors total so far, as It’s a modern city it will have more than that. I also want to build a few more locations, (Also cities/towns)

It’s going smoothly so far. Some of it is actual assetts, like full on props, but I’m also creating my own stuff with bsp and static meshes. It seems to still be getting great performance on max settings in the editor.

Could I have up to 10,000 actors and still have decent fps on medium high? My pc is somewhat built. I5-2500k 3.4ghz, 16gb ddr3, SSD, GTX-1050ti 4gb.

In my opinion It all depends on how well you optimize your static meshes and lighting, make sure the static meshes have reasonable Lod’s and if at all its possible go for static lighting, it makes a huge difference, for me this is the main reason I could get 50-60fps on my recent project (Modular Neighborhood Interior & Exterior Pack), it had around 4000 actors and I Think the performance would still be fair with 10,000 actors, I doubt it would drop below 45fps. I was using mid-range hardware but the performance was great and it looked great.

Here it is incase you wanna have a look, its available on the marketplace and I think it could make a good example for you to study.

In general, the more objects you add will decrease performance, but it depends on how many are visible and what they’re doing.

Thank you for your replies. I’m combining some of them, my gas station overhang was like 14 different mesh cubes and is now 1, I’m hoping that helps as well.
But I have no idea how to add a LOD to a cube or one of my buildings. The buildings are made of Cubes and the brush geometry cubes.

If I can make things look worse from a distance, be it a cube, that’d be nice. Or maybe not show up at all.