How is the polycount affected by DirectX 12 in UE4?

Hi all,
I just watched the following “tech demo” from Build 2015 for DirectX 12:
Where they mentioned that they are running a scene with 63 million polygons per scene (which sounds like crazy-much…)… the question is…
how will DirectX 12 affect the number of polygons “allowed” to be rendered smoothly in UE4 with an equivalent hardware set-up to the one at Build?
The reason for me asking is that for a few months ago I was involved in a project where we had a model created for rendering photo-realistic pictures for catalogues…
however… we wanted to use this model in the unreal engine and with the oculus rift… but at that time the polycount was abit to high for a smooth experience.
So just to repeat my self… how will DirectX 12 affect UE4s polycount? According to the Build event they mention that they managed to push the limit to six times as much then they manage to handle using DirectX 11…


I’m glad you posted this. I was kind of wondering the same thing.

4x Titan… 6000$ computer… perhaps with that setup not need DX12, at least for the GPU work (CPU its other thing)

Lol, didn’t know that was their setup. I guess that explains a lot.

I can’t say nothing to the scene but polygons shouldn’t be really a problem this days, especially with High End grapihic cards.
What directx 12 can do better than 11 is the communication between GPU and CPU, you can display much more drawcalls, like 20% more i read somewhere.

To be honest, with restraint, polies haven’t been a big problem even back in the days of Warcraft 3. A lot of modders were obsessed with very tiny polycounts but you could triple the game’s polycount on then-current hardware and not see a big problem. Just ensure you are actually using those polies for something.