How in blueprints would I get the player to activate 4 buttons on the map ...

Hello, I am currently experiencing

issues where I want to have 4 buttons be pressed around the map and then the crane is activated and spins hitting the wrecking ball against the destructible mesh walls and door.
Would anyone have any experience of how I could do this, many thanks :slight_smile:

One way to do it would be to have your player blueprint include a integer counter for buttons pressed. Every time you press a button, it boosts that integer counter by 1 and make a check to see if it equals your target. When that counter is equal to your target integer(4), activate the crane

Make a button blueprint . Inside have a boolean eg isButtonPushed and give each one a invisible trigger volume. When player enters trigger volume (on begin overlap event ) etc and pushes the button set the boolean to true . Like suggested above have a variable some where that keeps track of how many buttons have been pressed . When desired amount has been achieved execute the crane code and animation