How I will get name of object playing function?

I’m looking for complex solution for animation system, where more objects (specificaly buttons) are using same animations, so if u will change properties of animation it will change animation’s properties for all of them. It’s also important to mention that I want to build these animations and logic for them in external blueprint so I can use it in more then one project.
Since I have vision but in blueprint I’m begginner (I have experiences with Scaleform tho), I runned in a problem how to get name of object, which is playing function (in my case animation)?
Please check screenshots then it should be all clear (STRING VAR here means button/object’s name).
Thanks for your answers

What you are looking for is inheritance.

Create your animations into a “Parent” Widget blueprint. When you are done with the widget and the functionality works fine, simply extend that widget into a child and modify the child as you see fit.

All children of that widget will be able to use the animations of the parent. That way if you want to modify all children’s animations, you just modify the parent widget and it will affect all children.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: It works cool.