How I Replicate Some Shooter Mechanics in Blueprints

Hello everyone,

Here is a video on how I replicated some multiplayer shooter stuff, this is a watered down version of other videos contained on my patreon page, but this should get you going!

Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) Quick And Dirty Blueprint Shooter Replication
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Heya Guys,

I am glad you all are liking this tutorial, thank you for all the messages. In regards to the questions about showing how to do things not covered in this tutorial, I did this video as a demonstration of the types of information that the tutorials on my patreon page contain. So really no I wont be showing anything else in regards to adding on to this tutorial, all of that stuff is covered in my patreon tutorials at the $10 tier level.

What I am doing is making a game, and I am recording the entire process, showing and talking about everything I am doing and the decisions going in behind it. You all are welcome to come join my patreon and take this journey of making a game with me, and see EVERYTHING I do on video. That $10 per month gets you access to every single video I make in the entire process, a complete step by step creation process.

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