How I can calculate how many polygons I should manage in a scene for optimize render time?

Hi. I’m modelling an entire house in 3DMax with high detail, specially in furniture, so I have at this momento a few millions of polygons (specially because I’m using a few High polygon models downloaded from internet). But I have a question. How can I predict how much render time I will have? If I have a GTX 2060 and i7-8750 processor, can you give me an aproximate number of polygons that Unreal can handle without extending too much render times? I need an aproximate number because I’m simplifying the meshes as much as I can with Multires and other modifiers.

Thank you a lot!

You can’t until you test it in real-field. Tris only occupy part of the rendering pipeline and in most cases, post process and lighting will take most of the time.

I can usually control 10M tris with settings >= high (tuned individually) at 4K@60 with GTX 1080.

What you can do is paste some mesh (not instanced) with adequate complexity of materials and your scaling in mind and you can have a better understanding.

Thank you! And how much time it costs you to build? I think I Will have around 2-3 million triangles if I simplify some meshes… now I’m working with the basics (walls, ceilings and some basic geometry) and I have 200k triangles and it takes 20 minutes to build in high.