How hard is unreal engine c++?

… most of the engineers I know are self taught, there really weren’t comp sci / engineering courses available when we were growing up, or what there was turned out to be utterly useless information, at least at the smaller schools. (like, “COBOL 301” and “RPG IV 101”)

I made it through half a year of college, and then moved onto my previous career. about 12 years ago, I got the attention of some devs that were building some stuff for the then brand new UDK, and I’ve been a professional engineer ever since.

There’s most definitely not a licence for software engineering, and outside of some specific market areas, I think most people know well enough that there’s plenty of people out there with experience that puts them well over what a degree on it’s own says you have. The number of people trying to headhunt me into the automotive industry is mind boggling – I don’t want a ■■■■ thing to do with writing code that is responsible for people’s lives.

Cool you can work for unreal without a degree, NASA won’t accept you blade :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Tho elon musk says otherwise lol, “come to papa if you know”
I don’t think tho elon musk puts people that are not rocket engeniers there with a degree in rocket science and aero nautics.

I don’t know for USA these are the rules in EU.
They want more people working on the street I guess, at the grocery store, mcdonalds so they raised the standards.

Soon they won’t allow us to burn fire wood, and only drive in electric cars made by Musk lol.

All shades of untrue. If you have the right IQ they’ll invite you to work for them. Regardless of what papers you publish or degrees you acquired.
(Obviously is quite rare for high IQ people not to have degrees, but it does happen).

Also, recently NASA is complicit in this conutry’s educational scam. To err is human, sure. But failing multimillion dollar missions over “forgetting” to convert between feet and meter or similar is at the very least, worriesom.
Particularly when the same place managed to issue an epic against all odds mission that is still traveling outside the solar system prior to all the hard recent failures.
Case in point, a degree means less than nothing.

If you live in Europe you have to put up with them commies running your countries and education system - of recent, that’s true in the US too… we are all in the same sinking ship :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it’s true, if you build them a spaceship they will.
Remember all the genius people are flunk outs like Enstien and Tesla they flunk high school, so that is true too.

If you are really good I agree, but you have to be good to get into high places, if you are not like very good the licence that you got counts too. I don’t agree with any of this, but these are just the rules.

If you are really good then it does not matter at all.

Thing is, I don’t understand Visual Coding. Blueprints makes no sense to me. However, Python, C#, and Lua does. I even made basic games with two engines and a framework that uses these languages or similar. Is there a place for at least someone who understands basic coding and game engine concepts to learn Unreal? Like, Begin seems similar to Start in Unity, or Ready in Godot. Tick is similar to Unity’s Update.

Epic have dropped big hints that Scripting is coming to UE. But when? That’s always been the question… Maybe around GDC this year they’ll announce something definitive, and not just keep teasing us with news of big hires from the coding world or reddits like the below.

Last year Epic showed off a scripting demo within Fortnite called VERSE. Since then not a lot has been said about it. So is Verse the ultimate scripting language for the new engine?

Who knows but hopefully Epic do by now… But going back to the earlier post, you’ll still need to get comfortable with Blueprints anyway probably. Its a bit of a mindf**k at first, like how can spaghetti translate to code. But try taking projects apart and you may get hooked. :wink:

You know who you are dealing with.
This people may think taking Dark Basic and making it work in Unreal is a “good” idea…
I’d beg you to be extra careful what you wish for :stuck_out_tongue: