How good this laptop is for UE4 ?

Lenovo G5030 with:
Pentium N3540 2.16Ghz (2.66 Ghz max),
4 cores,
RAM 4Gb, 8Gb max,
GeForce 810M 1Gb

What kind of projects I will be able to edit in it (with comfortable performance of editor) ?
Should I buy it ? Does anyone have a similar ?

It could work with unreal engine 4 but it depends on what you want to work on.
For sure high quality game wont work good on it.

I think the maximum of what you can do are pretty simple games without much materials and post process.

A good laptop is something with a i5 and a better graphics card 2 gb vram…
Also it is better when you have more than 4gb…

But for that money you can buy a good computer instead of buying a laptop.


This looks very similar to my laptop, almost the same. I have very comfortable performance of the editor, but my project is a 2D stealth action game. Visual assets are just 2D pictures, project has no 3D models or lighting of any kind - everything is painted, so I don’t require a powerful workstation. And I’m sure I wouldn’t even try creating any 3D project on my laptop.

I would really try to get something more powerful.

How about such project as SuperHot - it is 3D, but graphics is very simplified ?
Or Unravel, Sonic Lost World ?
(doesn’t matter with help of what engine they were made - I’m interesting in potential of implementation using such hardware)

With it all maxed out (Overclocked, 8GB RAM), that barely meets the recommended requirements. I would not buy it if I were you.

Then what was in head of man who wrote RECOMMENDED system requirements ?

That the UE4 experience should be somewhat decent :stuck_out_tongue:

Decent ? You told me that it will not be decent.

Decent is a vague word, if you want to run the 3d content examples at a decent frame rate at high settings and 1080p, you’ll want a laptop with a 860M/960M or better, which would cost around $900 or more. That’s probably what the recommended specs are based around.

Does number of cores matters ? Is there are difference between CPU with 4 cores and CPU with 2 cores but with 4 threads, how this affects performance ?

The biggest advantage of having more cores when it comes to UE4, is quicker light map baking. Having twice as many cores will cut baking times in about half. Although the CPU is used for a lot for things like compiling shaders and general in editor performance, but I’ve only used it on a 6 core and a 4 core machine so I can’t say how well a 2 core computer would hold up. Threads are not the same as cores, threads basically allow the CPU to multitask better if that core is not being completely maxed out, so hypothetically a 4 core processor is better than a 2 core process with 4 threads, which is better than a 2 core processor with no hyper threads. But in practice, you will want to compare processors by benchmarks and not cores/clock speed/threads.

So, if I will create game of the same quality in Unity3D and in UE4, UE4 editor will eat more resources ?

exactly :slight_smile:

Yes, but consider that Unity and UE4 have their different uses.