How get Multiplayer Options settings

is there any way to get Number of players and NetMode setting for convenient multiplayer testing.

I am testing in different modes. Split screen (offline), Play a listen server (2++ player) and Simulate.
Each requires different settings.
For example, GameMode is waiting for clients to load before starting, but it needs to understand how many clients are left to wait.

If you just want to use a list of settings you could make a Enum with the different variable types(Nums, Bols and so on), and maybe add a string/text/name you use to identify the different modes/setting types you are gonna be using(like a lable); “Splitscreen”, “Lan” and so on. Then you create a data-table using that enum as the base and populate it with your information. Then you can pull the information you need later on and don’t need to manually input the information.