How frequently in milliseconds is Vive controller data sampled ?

Hi - I am taking pitch readings from a vive controller and have also got two timers enabled in my level blueprint.
One timer records the overall length of time my blueprint has been activated and the other timer records the amount of time the accelerometer pitch is above a defined threshold.
This way I can give a percentage of time of gameplay that the controller pitch has been in a particular state.

What I’m wondering is how frequently in milliseconds is Vive controller data sampled if I am using a blueprint timer ?

In general, the state of the motion controllers is updated twice per frame if low latency update is enabled, otherwise once per frame. Regardless of how often the Vive Controller itself updates, this is your limit within UE4 if you are using Blueprints.

In your case, you can use a Timer (or time difference) to track the overall activation time of your Blueprint then, on EventTick, add DeltaSeconds to a running total if the controller is above threshold. With that you can calculate the proportion of “above threshold time / total time” at each tick.