How fast can I make a UE4 game's performance?

I was just curious as to how far I could turn down the graphical settings for low end pcs if I wanted to do so. I ask this question because we still have masses of users playing on new non-gaming computers everyday so a huge portion of the pc gaming community may not have access to games made on the latest development platforms like UE4. I wanted to know how flexible the Unreal Engine is when it comes to these devices. Lets assume we have a game where scenes are not heavy with tons of detail meshes, ultra HD textures, large particle systems, lights and etc. Lets also assume the game’s logic is not that complicated as well. The said game would run minimally at 720p and look like a product developed with OpenGL 3, Dx9 or 10. How well would this said game probably run on these devices? I’m not looking to hear scientifically accurate answers just experienced users or developers opinions. Please don’t take this question too seriously. Some serious people may take offense and feel it necessary to respond in a harsh or negative manner. Its just a question.

The problem is that it does not matter much.

See yes lower spec computers do exist, which are just much older computers but there is a catch, gamers tend not to stick with them. I think I saw this in a survey published by steam where it showed which OS and the kind of GPU gamers were using. I of course expected the numbers to be low but there were even lower, I dont remember the exact number, I think they were around 5% for low spec pcs.

So it just does not worth it supporting those systems because their market is tiny compared to people on medium to high spec computers. Then of course ultra high spec computer are also a small market.

Dont worry so much about the technical details, worry how much fun is your game to play and how well you promote it. These two factors make the 99% of the success of a game with promotion being the biggest factor.

Dont know who told you that there is such thing as “non gaming” computer. Computers have been able to play games for almost 70 years now.

They are not “older computers;” they are “modern computers with built-in processor graphics.”

For certain AAA games, that is absolutely correct. But if you’re a more casual developer, trying to find a niche to make a living in, being able to run on computers your potential users have is important.

Regarding how well Unreal Engine can run in 720p on processor graphics, it depends on how you build the game. If you turn off the motion blur and other expensive post processing, add pre-computed visibility, and use mainly static lighting with perhaps one dynamic shadowing light (sunlight?) you can run just fine on a moderately-complex scene that looks pretty great!

The “steam hardware survey” and “unity hardware survey” show slightly different data. Intel graphics is 20% on Steam, but 50% on Unity standalone. This likely shows the difference in target market for the surveys.