How exactly do i start project for iOS?

Is there a way to start the project for iOS or is it automatically set?Also how do we do a universal build to fit iPhone 4 and 5?

You don’t need to do anything special for your project to work on IOS. And, for universal, it will just work, you don’t need to do anything.

What concerns do you have about 4 vs 5? Just the screen size? Performance? We have a “DeviceProfile” system that will allow for dialing down features for different device models.


thanks for the reply.glad to know theres nothing more to do for it to work on both devices.But on the mobile template i deployed on my iPad 3 and looks kinda fuzzy.

iPad3 is not using retina resolution, so it will run at 1024x768. Not sure what you mean by fuzzy tho :wink: