How efficient is moving a character on the network

Let me apologize first if this is not the right forum but I did not see any networking forum.
Also, I am not yet using the Unreal Engine. I have been watching many tutorial videos, all of the network ones, and the way things work in Blueprint seems to be pretty straight forward. However, I was not able to find some in depth information as to how efficient the position replication / move system is.
I am currently working on a MMPG game. Alas it is too late in the development process to switch to Unreal, but we are planning it as the first major upgrade after release. So my task right now is to figure out whether it makes sense to switch the server as well so that we can rely on the Unreal network and replication, or leave the server as is and use our existing networking system instead.

The problem is of course that when you have dozens of people on the screen, replicating the position every so many milliseconds is out of the question. Not to mention that the server has to send this out for thousands of characters. Our current solution is something like an RPC where the client received the move parameter and then mimics what the server does on it’s own. This way there is start and stop data and every few seconds a position and rotation correction since it is basically impossible to keep two machines in synch for a long move without correcting the client position every now and then.

So, that’s how we do it. Is there any information on how Unreal solves this problem? It would save me a lot of time if I knew upfront whether the Unreal network is capable of handling thousands of characters or not.


Is there anybody from epic monitoring these forums?
I mean this can’t be such a difficult question to answer for somebody who knows the engine’s internals. It’s either “Yes our engine is capable of handling this” or “No, better implement your own movement system”

Ok, I take that as a “we don’t know the answer or we don’t care about you”