How does UE4 Determine Material elements? Maya to UE4 Pipeline

Title was supposed to be : How does UE4 Determine Mesh elements? Maya to UE4 Pipeline

Hey guys I was wandering if you could help me with an issue with UE4, do you know how UE4 determines the elements for the meshes? , someone told me it is the materials you add to the faces in Maya, but i tried this and it didnt work. Basically I have a character with a UV tile as the head and 1 tile as the body, the mesh is combined and Skinned/rigged as one, Iam trying to apply the different sets of maps to each part (head, body).

But at import the mesh is coming in as 3 elements when their is only 2 materials applied to the faces in Maya.

Even these elements are not the faces I applied the materials to in Maya.

Any ideas guys?

Heres a screen Dropbox - Error


I turned off triangulate at FBX export options in maya…

And it came out perfect!

Any idea to why this happened? it seemed like triangulating the mesh through the FBX export messed my material ids

hmmm, sounds like a bit of a bug on Autodesk’s side? I never triangulate through the exporter. Unreal will handle everything just fine on its end. Glad you figured it out.