How does perfomance scale with additional render CPUs via Swarm?

Hi guys!

UE4 is humiliating my i5-7400. :mad:

I’m thinking about switching to Xeon and adding +1 or +2 dummy render PCs in the future (I see there’re plenty of affordable xeons on ebay)

The question is:
If I connect +1 or +2 PCs that have the same CPU that’s on my main machine (say Xeon E5-2690v2), will perfomance scale 2x/3x?
Or it doesn’t work like that?

Waiting for your advices. Many thanks guys!

It’s probably not going to work like that, at the very least there’s some speed loss between machines having to load files.

Thx! So in what type of projects render farms actually shine?

It’s going to be the most worth it in cases where there’s lots of objects, because Lightmass handles objects on separate cores so the more cores you have the more objects it can process at a time. You can end up in a situation where it’s on the last object and it’s taking longer because it might be a larger object and it can only use one core to render it.