How do you use your own text in the new Documentation nodes?

I thought the point of the documentation nodes was so you could write longer chunks of text to documents your blueprints, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do anything but use the canned examples that come with the engine. Anyone else figure this out yet? :smiley:

Look at : UnrealEngine-4.5.0-release\Engine\Documentation\Source\Shared\GraphNodes\Blueprint
There is a file named : BlueprintNodes.INT.udn
Inside of it there are a lot of texts like :

The Sequence node allows for a single execution pulse to to trigger a series of events in order.

The node may have any number of outputs, all of which get called as soon as the Sequence node receives an input. They will always get called in order, but without any delay.

All you have to do is to add your own, for example :


Then restart the editor, and after you add a document node again, you will see in the list a new choise called : YourComment

I don’t know why they made it so complicated, but if you check how you can add images so i guess this is kinda cool.

I hope this will be easier with the next build

This is how you can add images :
At the same folder there is a folder named “Images”.
You can put *.png images inside of it and then use it like so :


And it gives you that results :