2 things.

  1. Trees is causing a drop in the frame rate; I do not know why, and it is using Nanite. I tried tweaking shadow maps to see if I can improve it in any way, but I can’t. I am using the “Procedural Biomes” pack I got from the Marketplace.

  2. Odd shadow distortion is something I have tried fixing but I cant, I have read that Lumen may have a thing with it but without lumen my frame rate drops to FPS 5 to 10. I also tried tweaking it but it does nothing.

Note: I also read that Final Gathering fixes most of it but not sure what that even means. If it literally means towards the end of the project then not sure how that would fix the issue.

Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you!

FYI: I am only a few months into the project