How Do You Record Destructible In Sequencer

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to record a Destructible in Sequencer?

I can get the destructible to record, but as soon as the object starts to break apart the sequence recording stops. I think this is probably to do with the fact that a destructible has more than one level… It has the original mesh and the mesh with broken pieces, I think the problem is that when the original mesh collides and swaps to the broken pieces mesh for the destructible calculation the sequencer is not aware of the broken pieces mesh.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


One more question.
Is there any way to store a destructible state.

For example you smash a object in the game or in simulation mode. Is there a way to save or create a new asset from the result of the new broken state?

I would also be interested in this answe.

We can spawn the destructible meshes and record its transform using sequencer then change the active play mode to simulate and play the sequence. it should spawn the mesh and destruct it , the only thing is it may not yield same results every time.