How do you Pickup Object Like Superman?

Is there a way to Pickup objects like superman. Picking up vehicles and so on.

you should have to custom code all of the physic weight changes. by default unless you gave the objects a specific mass based on volume, everything can be moved so long as it’s a movable object.

How do I go About doing that. I have tried but failed to do so completely.

Using a PhysicsHandleComponent, you can GrabComponentAtLocation() to grab… a thing, and then when you want to release it, use ReleaseComponent() to let go of it.

There’s some extra stuff included in this, but here’s a tutorial on how to use it in Blueprint:

Thank you Greatly for your help. Wish I could give a donation for this. Jobless at moment.

Just got a warning on the first Block of code. I don’t know why its happening.

“Target is Controller” “Target: Controller Object Reference”

It looks like you’re in an actor of some kind (the player’s pawn?), which isn’t a controller. So if you use “GetController” to get that actor’s controller, you can pipe that into GetControlRotation.

I copied the Manniquin and re-used that for my character. I am confused on this.

Another Issue the ones in red Waiting on reply for that in animations section. Example Map has to be movable to get mass.

I don’t get it. Your blueprint looks sophisticated enough that you know what you are doing.
If this is not your code, I suggest you start again on a fresh third person level so you can learn how.

If this was your code, how are you getting lost? you just need to hook in the correct reference to your controller to get the rotation information.
Or you could use the mesh forward direction rotation instead.

For the example map needing to be movable. you can’t move a map, you might have accidentally called a wrong node or forgotten to set a default value somewhere - thing is, we can’t tell from the screenshots above because they are too small to read…

Apologies. I will ask someone who can help on my map setup. I really am new at this. and then I will try to find an understanding person who knows I am learning.
thanks anyway for your help. I will ask someone els.

Apologies on the code. I keep forgetting that there are two or more nodes for the same named group (actor, controller, and pawn) Somethings forgotten to be mentioned. I don’t know why they don’t color code this. Difficult for me to see the grey colored text.