How do you make forests to have less polygons?

Hi guys, I’m making a top down rpg but i want to make some kind of forest. I’ m using the epic games pack from the marketplace. But i’m making aa foliage and when i start the game it lag awfull. So how can i make it better? And what would be the best setting in the foliage tool? Thanks.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes i was in hurry :smiley:

I suppose you spawn the forest tree-by-tree using multiple actors? If yes, there is a video on Unreal Engine’s official channel called “Generating Procedural Rooms”
One of the first things he does is using indices to spawn multiple times the same component on the same actor, which need way less resources than spawning multiple actors. He uses this to spawn his level tiles.
Try using this technique to spawn your trees in the forest.

The whole video is over an hour long, but the part I believe is of interest to you is described in the first 10, maybe 20 minutes, so don’t be overwhelmed with the size of the video

Thanks for the answer, but i dont understand how to make that i’ve made my terrain with the terrain editor so I haven’t got so many tiles. Or can i make it to have more?

Do you mean you’re using the trees from Epic’s open world pack? Those are very high poly, and depending on the way you’ve set up your top-down view, you may be forcing the system to render a lot of them at once.

It might be worth trying some other tree models, to see if that solves your problem. There is a free tree in one of the samples, perhaps the Blueprint sample. If that one solves your problem, perhaps think about getting one of the paid foliage packs from the Marketplace (or modelling your own trees, or reducing the poly count of the open world ones).

Instead of tiles, use the trees’ mesh you want to spawn as instances in an actor