How do you make a destructible mesh that will function as a blueprint and not as a level blueprint?

I’m in the process of building a game that will require a lot of destructible meshes. I can get them to blow up using the level blueprint, but that requires me to use the same code (OnActorHit) for each individual mesh, which is time consuming. I’ve been trying to create an Actor blueprint (just a simple, destructible cube) to save on time, but none of the event functions work. They compile fine, but every time I hit the object with another actor the editor crashes. If anyone has created a blueprint that works I would love to see it. Any info/ tips would be awesome as well.

Hello Keenanhorrell,

I was playing with destructible meshes and I can see what you mean. It would be very time consuming to have to right click in the level blueprint and add the OnActorHit (with the object in the level selected) if you have several destructible items.

What I was able to do was create a new blueprint (parent class Actor). Go to the Components page and add my DestructibleMesh as the [Root]. My mesh is in the shape of a wall. Then go to the Graph page and I added some blueprints so my character can run through the wall and it explodes (1,000,000 Damage) but i don’t get hurt.

Then i can take that blue print and put it all around the map and each instance works!

Hope this helps,


I tired your blueprint, but for some reason my editor keeps crashing as soon as my player collides with the box. In your components window do you have your collision setting set up like this:

Simulation Generates Hit Event: [check]
Generate Overlap Events: [check]
Collision Presets: [Destructible]

Hello Keenanhorrell,

I was able to reproduce the crash in 4.1.1, but the issue no long occurs in 4.2 when I test it internally. This issue should no longer occur in the 4.2 build which will be coming soon from the Launcher, or you can get the source code from GitHUB right now.


Thanks for the heads up!