How do you make a Deals System that randomizes decals?

Hello I’m looking into something new in Unreal. I am trying to figure out how to make a system that can randomize decals so I only have to use one shield (mesh) with many decals, instead of many shields with different diffuse textures. For I want the decals to work for certain factions. Like for the one nation, it will have a random set of patterns based on their faction. Then for another faction, the same shield will have their patterns instead of the first faction’s.

A example of this is like in Rome II Total War, where each factions uses different decals for the same shields:



Dose anyone know of a tutorial or anything showing how to do this? Thank you for reading this question I hope to hear from you.

make an actor for the shield. in its construction script you assig the material with parameters, e.g. randomly 1 out of 5 different logos/patterns for each faction.

what speaks against different textures?