how do you get rid of the hud in the shooter content examples?

i think the scenery in the shooter demo game the main level plus the sanctuary one is very nice but sadly i cant figure out how to get rid of the stupid HUD as i dont want it showing up in creating a mantinee video any simple workaround to remove/disable it thanks!

I can’t check right now, but look in to blueprints folder in content browser, look for an HUD blueprint and either disable or remove it

Hi Evenios,

You need to use a Game Mode that doesn’t have the HUD set.

First, click on World Settings and in the tab that opens take a look at the Game Mode section and note all of the populated options. Now, click the New… button next to the GameMode Override, name and save it somewhere, open it to its Defaults, and set all of its options to the same as seen in the World Settings EXCEPT for the HUD Class. Compile and save this Blueprint. This Game Mode Blueprint will now be used in the override, and when you Play, everything will be the same except for the HUD will be gone.


The HUD is created from C++ code.

Have a look in ShooterGame’s “ShooterHUD.cpp” file.