How do you get people to find their way?

I would like to do this with a lot of people patrolling, but obviously this method is very resource-intensive.There is a simple way to get people to patrol a given route, one second apart.

Not sure there is a simple way to do that. You could easily get multiple actors patrolling the same route by using the same spline as you have here, just have a separate actor in your level “spawn” a patrolling actor once every second, each separate instance of the patrolling actor will then use the same spline and do its own calculation of where to be. You can’t use the set-up you have without creating a timeline for each instance as each patrolling actor would need a separate transform. BUT spawning them 1 second apart would allow you to simplify this greatly. As for resource intensiveness of this method I couldn’t say it would save you anything there. You would still have a lot of actors running their routes on tick.