How do you fit two types of animations with a Rifle? (Mixamo and ASP)

Im playing around with the free animation starter pack (ASP) animations and fitted a rifle in my characters hand. During aimoffsets i use a FABRIK node to keep the left hand on the barrel of the rifle. I’ve then found some animations from Mixamo that i also want to use, but the problem is that these animations are not aligned up with the “same” rifle. In other words, my FABRIK node offsets moves the left hand to the wrong place. So my initial idea is to modify the animation from Mixamo so that it aligns up by taking the ASP animation into MotionBuilder, fitting the weapon similarly in there, importing the Mixamo animation and then adjusting it using the control rigs IK effectors. Only problem is that the Mixamo animations were obviously not made for the UE4 Mannequin and therefore as you probably all do, have the UE4 animation driven by the skeleton rather than the animation from the Pelvis and up. That also means that it’s **** hard to see how it’s going to turn out inside MotionBuilder when it only can show the animation itself.

Anyone have experiences with this process of fitting in a different pose/animation with some existing ones?

To answer my own question partially, i found out that i can record an animation which then will make the animation as if it was retargeted as shown on the skeleton (or whichever settings you had on). Pretty nifty, just need an easier way to get only that recorded, so i don’t need to crop the animation after recording.