How do you compile Unreal Engine 4.1? There are no source files like in 4.0


I was going to examine the UnrealPak source but couldn’t find it in 4.1. I know it existed in 4.0.
Anyways, I then searched for all *.cpp files to see if it was moved, but none show up at all… there’s no engine source in there, no VS solution/project files and GenerateProjectFiles.bat isn’t in 4.1 either. I think it’s just precompiled with the headers supplied.

I realize it’s something I’m missing, but what?

I don’t think the source was ever shipped with the binary release of the engine, unless it was by accident. In any case if you want to build from source you need to clone (or fork then clone) from here:

Duh, that makes sense! I probably downloaded 4.0 from revision control.

Thanks Enlight!