How do you clamp InputAxis values before plugging them into Add Movement?

If you have move forward mapped to W, and move right mapped to D, then pressing both W and D at the same time should move you diagonally twice as fast as moving just forward or to the right. How do you prevent this?

Technically, you’d be moving about 1.41 times faster (square root of 2), but that would still be quite a bit faster.

Since Add Movement takes a vector as input, I suppose you’re passing values of +/- 1 for X and Y?
A simple way to clamp the vector’s norm to 1 would then be to normalize that vector (there’s a node for that).
I believe the normalize node is “safe” (it will never try to divide by zero if you have no input at all), so you should only have to add that single node.

AddMovementInput already normalizes, by the way.

So it’s already done for me?