How do you change the player controller in real time in Blueprint?

Hey guys,

I’m struggling with changing the player controller in real time. What I’ve got are two simple characters, one is a cube that moves around with a simple player controller, and a sphere that rolls about. They both have separate player controllers though as they move differently. I want to be able to swap between the characters, which I can do easily enough, but only the default character that is spawned and uses the default player controller class will move. Since the other character uses a different player controller, that character doesn’t move at all.

Any idea on how I can achieve this?

I’m still a novice when it comes to blueprint, so all advice is much appreciated!


Hi there!
Sounds like you could do a “unpossess” and then “possess” of the character you want. Maybe hook it up to when you do the possess with the controller that the “player” is using it will trigger the “other” controller to possess the opposite character. Might have to trigger the event off a key press which I assume is maybe what you were gonna do. I’ll paste a pic after class for you.